What is this Guideway thingy all about?

Guideway Personal Support is a small initiative formed specifically to aid and support parents of young men on the autistic spectrum.  However, these services and approach are powerful support for parents of young men with all kinds of mental illness and limitations.


Everyone has a unique aptitude, and no matter what the limitations of an individual, there is a genius in them.  That genius and aptitude is just one encouraging relationship away from outbreaking health and success.  Often, that potential is buried under self-doubt, insecurity, or just simple lack of motivation.  Everyone has intrinsic value and are valuable to the people around them– but certain people need extra help and especially committed encouragement to become successful in the complicated social system around them.

MissionThe mission is to take those young men who are beset by the constraints of a condition such as autism or bi-polar, and help them navigate through the roadblocks that hinder the full realization of their potential.  Many are marginalized after they age out of school services,  but where other services have left off, Guideway provides the next level of guidance and support.  While building trust and confidence, mentors are trained to impart the three main elements of communication:  Awareness, Assertiveness, and Articulation.  With better communication comes freer ability to use one’s inner genius outwardly toward a successful more independent life.  For more about our this subject read our section about therapeutic mentoring.